The development of the Xtract™SR Stretcher started following the experiences of militaries in Afghanistan and Iraq. Exposure of troops to improvised explosive devices led to an increased number of casualties presenting with above or below-knee amputations. Evacuation using legacy equipment from the point-of-wounding created secondary injuries and compromised life-saving treatments. The Xtract™SR Stretcher provides solutions to these challenges.

The size and the weight of the Xtract™SR Stretcher allows it to be carried by combat troops and rescuers, making it immediately available. Its patented design cocoons casualties, protects treatment and minimises movement. These features improve the outcome prospects of a casualty.

Strength and durability are at the core of the design of the Xtract™SR Stretcher. Duralite fabric creates a lightweight, immensely strong and durable solution that copes with any operational environment.

The Xtract™SR Stretcher is a modular system that can be scaled to your mission requirements. Whatever the obstacles, the Xtract™SR Stretcher provides a solution.

  • Designed to improve survival through minimising movement during evacuation and protecting existing treatment.
  • Proven on operations with active militaries and rescue teams worldwide.
  • Minimal size and weight allows deployment with the frontline rescuer, ensuring availability at point-of-wounding.
  • Intuitive design facilitates competent use.

Provides solutions to:

  • Limited space & weight.
  • Rescuers' fatigue.
  • Making the injury worse.
  • Features to cross.
  • Continuing care.


Manufacturer: TSG Associates
Product number: LS-32
Certificates: N/A
Size: 270 x 110cm
Color: Black
Country of origin: UK
NATO Stock number: x
Quantity: 1
Weight: 960g