XtractTM SR System Complete

XtractTM SR System Complete

The Xtract™SR System enhances the survival chances of an injured colleague. It is a proven solution used by militaries and high risk organisations around the world.

The Xtract™SR System solves the problems that rescuers can face during point-of-wounding casualty evacuation by being able to:

  • Deal with a wide variance in the size and weight of casualties.
  • Limit the number of team members required for an evacuation.
  • Overcome physical barriers, including water features.
  • Protect injured colleagues from hypothermia.

The Xtract™SR System is used by British, Norwegian and Turkish militaries.

The Xtract™SR System is designed to:

  • Reduce secondary injury and secure life-saving interventions.
  • Be strong and light, providing a viable option for rescuers evacuating casualties from the point-of-wounding.
  • Provide rescuers with configurable options depending on mission parameters.

The requirements of training for all Xtract™SR System products are similar, making it straightforward for organisations to adopt.

Provides solution to:

  • Limited space & weight.
  • Adverse weather.
  • Making the injury worse.
  • Rescuers’ fatigue.
  • Features to cross.
  • Continuing care.


Manufacturer: TSG Associates
Product number: TR-00024
Certificates: N/A
Size: 80 x 40cm
Color: N/A
Country of origin: UK
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 4,5kg