• What is tactical medicine?

    Tactical medicine is a term used for the treatment of injuries in tactical environments where ordinary disaster response teams have no access. This could be in war zones, at protests or in disaster areas. The term is often used for the medical emergency response and first aid used by the police, the military, Special Forces and private security forces as an important part of their missions.

    AP Services specializes in the training and supplies for tactical medical emergency response.


  • What does Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) mean?

    PHEM refers to the medical treatment a patient receives “prior to hospitalization”, i.e. before arriving at the emergency department of a hospital. The term covers everything from simple first aid performed by novices to emergency treatment performed by paramedics and ambulance personnel.
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    AP Services specializes in sourcing equipment and supplies for PHEM and PHEM training, including first aid courses.

  • What experiences have you had from real life?

    AP Services was founded by Allan Pedersen, who himself is a trained paramedic and has worked in ambulance services. Allan has been stationed with the military and has assisted in the teaching and development of the medical training received by Danish soldiers before they are stationed.
    AP Services’ instructor staff all has practical experience and thorough training in tactical medicine and pre-hospital emergency response.

  • What is Tactical Medical Training Days (TMTD)?

    Over a number of years, AP Services has been the initiator of Tactical Medical Training Days (TMTD), an event in which specially selected representatives from the military, police, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the fire and health services in the Nordic countries are invited to participate in scenario-based training and knowledge sharing.