A Closer Look on AP Services and the UN´s 17 Sustainability Development Goals

07. September 2022

AP Services attend SDG workshop with Ørum Advice on the danish national Climate Conference.

Medical Equipment Sponsor of Team Rynkeby

28. July 2022

The story behind Team Rynkeby and why AP Services continue to support the initiative.

Responsible Consumption and Production

09. December 2021

We are trying to minimize waste and create a circular economy in the AP Warehouse. Read about our newest actions.

Donation of Face Masks to one of Denmarks Biggest Humanitarian Organisations

05. July 2021

Today we have donated 200.000 face masks to Libya trough DanChurchAID where it will make a difference.

New Look for the AP Show Ambulance

10. June 2021

New look for the show ambulance, in cooperation with the canadian artist Daniel Sundahl.

New Product Specialist to Team AP

07. June 2021

Team AP welcome our new product specialist Gitte Svenningsen

AP Services a Proud Sponsor of Team Rynkeby

04. June 2021

Despite of her terminal cancer Belinda will ride to Paris with Team Rynkeby!

Tactical Foodpacks

18. May 2021

Now available Tactical Foodpacks!

Company Portrait from Local TV

06. April 2021

A few weeks ago the local TV station paid us a visit at our headquarters in Sørvad. The outcome is this short company portrait. With english subtitles.

New AED for Public Use

31. March 2021

New AED Accessable for Public Use

AP Services Expand with New Work Force

10. February 2021

We are pleased to welcome our newest member of the Team AP, Huda Takrouri.

Nordic UN Procurement Seminar 2021

25. January 2021

This years Nordic UN Procurement Seminar will be a virtual event

Our Four SDG´s

21. January 2021

We have found our four SDG goals

AP Services deliver early Christmas Present to the Homeless

18. December 2020

AP Services deliver a winterkit for the homeless in two danish municipalities

We Are Social

17. December 2020

AP Services are on LinkedIn

We expand with PAX products

14. December 2020

Now you can purchase PAX products at AP Services

Fight Cancer Awareness Week

23. October 2020

Today we were up early to mark the danish Fight Cancer Week 2020. This year it involved hight, darkness and 168 of our red and white glowsticks.