At TSG Associates we are committed to providing an intuitive, easy to use product which will work in the most difficult circumstances, under the most stressful conditions.
We understand that any product you put on a rescue vehicle will only work to its full potential when in the hands of a well-trained operator who fully understands its application. Therefore we have always been committed to providing high quality, comprehensive training in our products.

The SMART Education Pack™ provides a complete package for you to present an MCI Training session.

The pack includes an instructors CD, a training DVD and a set of exercises to work through with your students and gives you everything you need to run training, in not only the SMART Incident Command System™ but also multiple casualty incident response in general.

  • Provides everything you need to present an MCI training session
  • Contains tailored triage exercises
  • Teaches the 'How, When and Why' of Triage


Manufacturer: TSG Associates
Product number: TS-00009
Certificates: N/A
Size: 27 x 20 x 6 cm
Country of origin: UK
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 1 kg