Military SmartTriageTM System

Military SmartTriageTM System

The Military SmartTriage™ System is designed to prioritise survival and minimise suffering at a multiple casualty incident.

It has been deployed successfully for over 15 years by the British, Canadian, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and Estonian militaries.

We developed the scalable Military SmartTriage™ System to allow military personnel to deliver triage in complex, challenging environments from the point-of-wounding to definitive care. Equipment includes small, lightweight modules used by the individual soldier, to major incident command and control kits. The design allows the critical tasks of triage and command and control to be started quickly and effectively.

The Military SmartTriage™ System provides your organisation with a solution that enhances your ability to minimise preventable death on the battlefield. The system is fully supported by bespoke training and is proven in multiple operational environments.


  • A proven system used by multiple militaries.
  • Scalable to your organisation.
  • Enhances triage, command and communications contributing to maximising survival.
  • Training available.
  • Compliant to the latest medical doctrines and protocols.


Manufacturer: TSG Associates
Product number: TR-00031
Certificates: N/A
Size: 53 x 43 x 18 cm
Color: Green
Country of origin: UK
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 8 kg