Patient Monitoring Suite of Simulators

Patient Monitoring Suite of Simulators

Simulation Devices Designed for Realistic Medical Scenario Training

The ITTS Patient Monitoring Suite of Simulators can be used in all phases of patient care for any human (role-playing) or ANY patient simulator, including the TOMManikin andTAMikin.

We offer a wide range of simulation devices to assist in realistic medical training scenarios. These devices realistically replicate a patient’s dynamically changing condition with appropriate/inappropriate interventions. Instructors remain in control of all diagnostic values to challenge their student’s ability to recognize and respond appropriately.

Devices include
  • PulseOx Simulator
  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Simulator / NIBP Cuff
  • In-Line Waveform Capnography Simulator
  • Remote Control for Devices
  • Charger and Cables
  • Sturdy Case for Easy Transport


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