TOMManikin provides the ability to enhance Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) from Point of Injury to transfer of higher care. Created in collaboration with Techline Technologies, Inc., this all-in-one system allows you to build multiple PR Scenarios and create realistic Full Mission Profile (FMP) with reactive patients. TOMManikin is a trauma manikin simulator designed for both classroom settings, Trauma Lanes and field training scenarios. Multiple appendages present a variety of wounds including GSW, blast and burns to provide full mission profiles in combat scenarios. Durability and realism make TOMManikin a cost effective, educational trauma training tool capable of surviving the rigors of TCCC, APT and Tactical Medicine.

Features of all TOMManikins and TAMIKINs
  • Durable - withstands drops, falls and drags
  • Sturdy steel frame and joints
  • Weight between 150-170 lbs
  • Wireless Remote Operation
  • 1.2 Gallon On-Board Bleeding Reservoir
  • Quick replacement of extremities
  • Flexibility with multiple wounds patterns
  • Interchangeable extremities
  • Low maintenance
  • Rugged Softech® skin



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