The Blizzard Survival Bag is a full sized survival bag; it is closed at the bottom and has a draw cord at the top to ensure a good seal, therefore, providing total warmth and shelter in an emergency situation.
Made from Reflexcell™ the Blizzard Survival Bag provides unrivalled thermal qualities and is completely wind and waterproof.
It is perfect for any situation and is a must for outdoor enthusiasts.
Don’t go out without it.

CE Mark


Manufacturer: Blizzard Protection Systems
Product number: EE-0012
Certificates: CE Mark
Size: Length 2.3 metres x width 0.78 metres
Packaging: 25 x 11.5 x 3.5 cm
Color: Available in:
Green, Orange and Silver
Country of origin: USA
NSN Green: 8465-99-433-4810
NSN Orange: 8465-99-958-4315
NSN Silver: 8465-99-151-3766
Quantity: 1
Weight: 385 g