NORSE RESCUE® Scissor Retractor RT2

NORSE RESCUE® Scissor Retractor RT2

The NORSE RESCUE® Scissor Retractor RT2 is a robust tool with a remarkable 27kg break strength. Its construction includes a stainless steel cable coated with durable Nylon material, ensuring both strength and flexibility.

Designed to withstand challenging environments, the retractor is saltwater proof, making it suitable for use in marine and coastal settings. Additionally, it features a quick connect (Q/C) system, allowing for swift and hassle-free attachment and detachment.

An essential accessory for professionals in various fields, including rescue operations and maritime activities.


CE Mark


Manufacturer: EMSRUN 
Product number: EE-00011
Certificates: CE Mark
Size: 36" / 91 cm
Color: Black
Country of origin: DK/CN
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1 pc, 250 pcs
Weight: 38 g