The EZ-IO® G3 Power Driver provides immediate vascular access to the central circulation within seconds. This tool facilitates the safe and controlled insertion of an intraosseous needle into the bone’s medullary cavity.

The new EZ-IO® G3 Power Driver is the next generation of intraosseous technology from Teleflex®. The new driver incorporates a fully sealed external case that houses the motor and Lithium Batteries.

The G3 Power Driver is designed to provide 10 years of maintenance-free shelf life and a minimum of 500 insertions.

This compact model was designed specifically to provide military medical professionals, at all levels of care, a significantly enhanced portable solution for safe intraosseous access.


  • Long-lasting lithium battery-power for 500 insertions
  • Battery Indicator: Green= Good, Flashing Red= 10% life
  • Trigger guard prevents accidental activation
  • Complements EZ-IO needle sets
  • Lightweight, compact, tactical black design


  • Provides vascular access within 10 seconds
  • Multiple insertion sites with three needle sets
  • Standard Luer-Lock catheter for fast, easy removal
  • Provides clinician complete control with minimal force
  • Enables medical personnel to carry necessary components for multiple insertions with a fraction of the weight


  • Shelf Life: 10 years

FDA Certified
CE Mark


Manufacturer: Medidyne
Product number: CL-00591
Certificates: CE Mark, FDA
Size: 11.43 H x 16.51 W x 6.35cm D
Country of origin: USA
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 425 g