SR901RT with Kit A & Kit B

SR901RT with Kit A & Kit B

SR901 multi-purpose utility table can be utilized to provide a lightweight and compact operating table to far forward remote areas allowing doctors to stabilize casualties and operate when neccessary and prior to transport.

The SR901 Model and all of its variants are designed to accommodate a NATO approved stretcher and form an "operating room capable" appliance for patient exam, treatment or surgical procedure in a far forward/surge medical application

An assembly time of between 15 to 25 minutes is normal and the carry case makes the unit very portable and able to be man carried.

• At 78 Lbs. (35.5 Kg), as packaged, it can easily be handled and set up by one person.

• Once assembled, the SR901RT table can be moved easily with a net weight of 69 Lbs.(31 Kg)

• Each of four legs of the SR901RT has a manual adjustment that allows the table to beraised or lowered a total of 5 inches (in one inch increments). This same feature allowsthe table to be adjusted for uneven floors in challenging terrain.

• Trandelenberg capability allows the patient head end of the stretcher to be lowered orthe foot end to be lowered as required

• The SR901RT stand is designed with a minimum of holes or openings in the stand tubesand supports to facilitate decontamination wash-down.

• The removable stretcher features allows for a fresh, clean stretcher to be installedbefore each patient.

• The absorbent fluid capture blanket will absorb and retain up to 3 liters of fluid withoutleakage. A water-proof fluid collector can be installed with drain hole fordecontamination applications


The SR901RT + KIT A & B comes with:

Raven 90C Stretcher

With “SR901 Accessory Kit A” the necessary accessories to provide patient critical care which includes IV poles, arm boards, MAYO tray with Corrosion resistant stainless steel tray capable of high temp sterilization.

With “SR901 Accessory Kit B” (OBGYN stirrup attachment)


Platform Size

Height - 34"

Length - 79"

Length Incl. Handles - 89"

Width - 33"

Width Incl. OB Stirrups- 47.5"

Armboard Length- 24" Width - 5.5"

Medical Accessory Tower- 29"

Adjustable IV Poles - 17" (Min)- 35" (Max)


Manufacturer: North Coast Outfitters LTD
Product number: CH-0006
Certificates: N/A
Size: 190.5 x 78.74 x 68.58 cm
Color: Black
Country of origin: USA
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 7 kg