Spinal Board Pediatric

Spinal Board Pediatric

• High Density Polyethylene material brings rigidity, high durability and lightweight
• Special design brings high comfort for pediatric patients
• Ergonomic hand holes allow operation for 3 paramedics
• Pins allow fast strapping with carabines
• Compatible with standard straps and spider straps
• No foam filled
• Easy to clean and desinfect
• X-ray translucent, MRI compatible
• Fully sealed construction makes it highly fluid resistant
• Compatible with head immobilizers
• Meets national and international guidelines for immobilization


Manufacturer: Royax Medical Solution
Product number: LS-00011
Certificates: x
Size: 136,5 x 34 x 5 cm
Loading Capacity: 160 kg
Country of origin: x
NATO Stock number: x
Quantity: 1
Weight: 4 kg


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