The NORSE RESCUE® Chest Seal Non Vented – an advanced dressing specifically designed to treat open chest wounds. These penetrating injuries to the chest can result in open wounds that may lead to tension pneumothorax, a significant cause of preventable death.

Our Chest Seals are meticulously crafted with a medical-grade hydrogel adhesive that provides a strong and reliable seal, even in challenging conditions such as blood, sweat, hair, sand, or water. With NORSE RESCUE®, you can trust that the Chest Seal Non vented will securely adhere to the skin, ensuring effective wound management and helping to prevent further complications.


CE Mark
FDA Certified


Manufacturer: EMSRUN 
Product number: BR-00188
Certificates: CE, FDA
Size: 15 x 15 cm
Shelf Life: 5 years
Temperatures: -20C to +60C
Country of origin: China
NATO Stock number:


Quantity: 1
Weight: 38 g