The offshore medic kit is made specific on request from Siemens AG and the German BG. The focus of the kit is on the offshore medics working in the offshore wind turbine industry.

This kit contains:
1 x POSE, Zipperbag1/2ltr (AC-002-½L)
1 x Permanent Marker (AC-0034-AP)
1 x Shaver- Disposable (AC-039)
1 x TVAC Suction (AW-000111)
1 x King LTS-D size 4 (AW-0003)
1 x King LTS-D size 5 (AW-0004)
1 x Off Shore Medic Bag, BAG ONLY (BA-201)
1 x Oxygen Hose (BR-001)
1 x Rescue Breather (BR-0011)
1 x Pocket BVM (BR-00211)
1 x Puls Oximeter, Fingertip (BR-0029)
2 x Ventilation Timing Lights (BR-003)
2 x C-A-T, Orange (CL-0002)
2 x Olaes Modular Bandage 4" (CL-0003)
2 x NORSE RESCUE® Compressed Gauze, Z-Fold (CL-26)
1 x Band Aid 6cm x 1m (CL-0039)
2 x Cohesive Bandage, 10cm x 4,5m (CL-001112)
1 x EKG 12 Lead - Bluetooth Device (CL-1)
1 x ECG Universal Belt with Straps (CL-2)
2 x Scissor Retractor RT2 (EE-00011)
2 x NORSE RESCUE® Emergency blanket, Silver/Silver (EE-00261)
1 x Blizzard EMS Blanket - Silver (EE-00272)
1 x BurnTec 6x12cm (EE-00523)
1 x BurnTec 12x12cm (EE-00525)
1 x BurnTec 10x40cm (EE-00534)
1 x Eye/ Wound Spray (EE-00582)
2 x Ready Heat, 1 panel (EE-00623)
1 x EMT Shears 7,25 (EE-000331)
2 x Splint - BLK (IM-00047)
1 x Stifneck Select - Adult Laerdal (IM-000562)
1 x Gloves Latex free, 10 pairs (PPV-00042)
2 x Ice Pack, Plus Instant 150g (EE-00601)
1 X Fireseal, Adjustable (AC-00020)


Manufacturer: AP services A/S
Product number: BA-OFFSHORE
Certificates: N/A
Size: 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Color: Red/Black
Country of origin: N/A
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 7.5 kg