Ankle Medical Pouch

Ankle Medical Pouch
Ranger Green

The Ankle Medical Pouch is the perfect solution for individuals who are tasked with protection and wear a uniform that does not permit carrying a standard medical kit. Designed to carry a SOF Tactical Tourniquet- Wide, the Russell Chest Seal, and a hemostatic agent or standard gauze, the Ankle Medical Pouch disappears in the pleat of slacks and most other uniform bottoms.

The Ankle Medical Pouch’s security and comfort allow it to be worn for long periods of time. The material is soft and flexible, but secure enough to allow rapid movement without losing the pouch or its contents. The ankle wrap that secures the components extends to become a compression wrap once the other life saving products have been utilized.


Manufacturer: CTOMS
Product number: CT-0075
Certificates: N/A
Size: N/A
Color: Black
Country of origin: Canada
NATO Stock number:  N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 100 g