SKEDCO Combat Applications Laryngoscope Kit

SKEDCO Combat Applications Laryngoscope Kit

The SKEDCO Combat Applications Laryngoscope (SCAL) Kit™ utilizes an extremely durable, light-weight, revolutionary adapter. The adaptor quickly converts a standard SUREFIRE 6P Flashlight into a “Tactical Laryngoscope” Handle; ready to accept a fiber optic laryngoscope blade (Miller/Mac). Tactical Intubation at night with NVGs; just insert the kit’s IR filter into the adapter, connect your blade and your “Tactical Laryngoscope™” is NVG compatible. Is starting an IV at night under NVGs a challenge? The Combat Applications Laryngoscope aids in this task by highlighting veins in the hands; making IV insertion possible.

A Word of Caution

While the SKEDCO Combat Applications Laryngoscope Adapter is specifically designed for use with the original SUREFIRE 6P Incandescent Flashlight (1.25” Bezel Ring). This adapter also works with the Surefire 9P flashlight.

It is strongly recommended that following each live patient use, the laryngoscope adapter and blades be disposed of IAW unit biohazard protocols. Under normal use, the IR filter should be protected from biohazard exposure and may be used again, but in case of exposure, dispose of properly. Follow manufacture guidelines to decontaminate the SUREFIRE 6P Flashlight.


Manufacturer: SkedCo
Product number: AW-00161
Certificates: N/A
Size: N/A
Color: Coyote Brown
Country of origin: N/A
NATO Stock number: 6515-01-582-4003
Quantity: 1
Weight: 910 g