These Guedal airways combine two materials with very different physical characteristics in one moulding; this has resulted in the elimination of the separate bite block found in all conventional Guedel Airway designs. Loose or detached bite blocks constitute a real threat to patient safety and have been the subject of several hazard notices in the recent past. The new one-piece design overcomes all the associated risks. As well as improved safety the one-piece design also incorporates a soft tip further reducing the risk of trauma to the patient.

CE Mark


Manufacturer: SP Services (UK) Ltd
Product number: AW-0007
Certificates: CE Mark
Size: 14 x 11 x 4,5 cm
Color: Green (box)
Country of origin: UK
Durability: 5 years from production date
Maintenance: One-time us
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 156 g