Tactical Foodpacks

18. May 2021

At AP Services we have started a collaboration with the Estonian company Tactical Foodpack. The Company produce long-lasting foodpacks with great taste to easily cook and consume in critical surroundings.

The idea for Tactical Foodpack came from a medic in the Estonian Special Operations Force who in his everyday work was faced with complicated conditions that put both physical and mental health to the test.

Week Pack


The Tactical Foodpacks contain tasty food, a lightweight package that is easy to carry and fast to prepare, cook and consume. These are all important factors as you might find yourself in complex areas when on a mission.

Tactical Foodpack have created a line of products that offers a long shelf-life with no added preservatives or additives – it is all natural, honest and has a home-made feel to it.

The foodpacks are designed to be used for both the cooking and eating all in one bag. The bags are all equipped with an easy close function, so garbage can be stored in the bag after consuming the food.


The Tactical Foodpacks are not only perfect for the Special Forces but for emergency organizations, everyday hikers, sailors, mountain climbers or professional extreme sports athletes, namely for anyone who pursues an active lifestyle, appreciates comfort and a healthy diet.


Besides the many delicious breakfast meals, soups and main courses, (vegetarian options available) the Tactical Foodpack offer freeze dried apple chips, energy bars, shakes and a tactical outdoor shower, as well as smart technology heating bags or a pocket size fire pot that can last for cooking up to ten meal bags.


We are excited to welcome the Tactical Foodpack products to our assortment. So go right ahead and check out the many delicious meals in our Nutrition section here on the website.