Responsible Consumption and Production

09. December 2021

AP Services strive to reduce waste and use more sustainable material for packing and protecting products during delivery.

Often bubble plastic is used to wrap around products to protects them during deliveries, as we all know by now, plastic is not the most environmentally friendly solution. So how can we use less plastic and what can we use instead? We want to try and find alternative and sustainable solutions, but often these solutions are more expensive. So, is there in fact a way we can change plastic into something that is more environmentally friendly and at the same time can cut costs? That is the big question we have been thinking a lot about. And we came up with the idea to get a Cardboard shredder also called a perforator.


The perforator can literally eat any size of cardboard and shred it into a softer and more flexible piece of cardboard. This can be used in packaging fragile goods to protect it from damage during delivery. So now we have replaced the plastic bubble wrap with cardboard, what about cutting the costs then? The good thing is that cardboard we get for free! The perforator is not picky and will eat any type of box we receive in our warehouse, so instead of throwing these used boxes out, we turn them into packaging material and reuse it.

We are happy to be able to contribute to a circular economy. AP Services just finished the yearly Communication on Progress CSR report, if you are curious in relation to our visions in relation to the United Nations Sustainability Goals you can find the report for download right here: CSR-Report for Download