New Look for the AP Show Ambulance

10. June 2021

At AP Services we have been working on an interesting project with the Canadian photoartist Daniel Sundahl. Daniel is a paramedic and a photoartist. Daniel has an amazing ability to portrait the work and emotions that are often at play in EMS operation.
Do yourself a favour and check out his work on

Together with Daniel we have spend the last couple of months on creating some unique window art for our show ambulance. And we are very excited about the result. The main goal was to create windows that would give a feeling of opening up the ambulance so those who pass the ambulance gets an idea of what is going on inside an ambulance and the importance of the job EMS personel do everyday.

Thank you so much Daniel Sundahl for helping us with this, you did a great job and we are very proud of driving around with your beautifull and inspiring art on our show ambulance.