New AED for Public Use

31. March 2021

A cardiac arrest never happens when you expect it or feel ready to handle it. With more public defibrillators accessible in the society and more educated people to operate them, we increase the chances of saving lives.

When a cardiac arrest occurs, we all know time is the number one factor for increasing the chances for the patient’s survival. At AP Services we have now installed a public AED station on our warehouse building. With modern technology and the vast majority of applications, we have signed the AED up on one of the most popular Applications in Denmark mapping out all accessible AED´s in the country. The AED is visible for first responders professional as well as the public and will contribute to enhancing fast response for cardiac arrest cases in our area.

All AP team members are trained in how to operate the AED and signed up to the danish heart runner programme. The programme is run by an application for your mobile device and will notify you whenever there is a cardiac arrest near you, at the same time the app will tell you, based on your location, where to find the nearest public accessible AED.

Then we run, and do our best to save lives, and help in those crucial minutes until professional care arrives.


Publicly accessible first aid equipment, like the AED or the stop Bleeding stations, that we offer at AP Services, are a valuable tool for the public to assist in first aid care until professional responders can reach the scene of an accident.

Time matters, with these modern technologies we can all assist in saving those valuable lives, whenever and wherever.