Fight Cancer Awareness Week

23. October 2020

The national danish Fight Cancer week has begun

Cancer affects every third Dane and makes everyone else a relative. We all - in one way or another and at some point in our own lives - come into contact with cancer. A disease that costs 44 lives every day in Denmark.

Today, almost 339,000 Danes live with a cancer diagnosis. The good news is that the majority survive cancer. But we want to set the bar a little higher. Fewer must get cancer, and more must survive.


A strong and active community against cancer

The danish initiative Fight Cancer is an ambitious headline. But that is nonetheless the goal that the national broadcasting station TV 2 and the Danish Cancer Society have set themselves. Not alone, but together with the Danes, because cancer is a common cause that requires a joint effort. "We can not work miracles - but we will try" is the mantra for the concept.

Therefore, a whole week is about two things: Enlightenment and collection. Information about illness and healing, about research and patients, about death and not least about life. In a series of programs in week 43, TV 2 will show both well-known and new programs that focus on cancer through portrayals of people, information and entertainment. These are programs that will make us smarter, make us laugh and cry, and hopefully also give us hope for the future. 



Each year TV 2 encourage all danes, and danish companies to mark the week. This year we were encouraged to make our own interpretation of the Fight Cancer logo, a red and white flower that gives hope.

We have been up early today to build the Fight Cancer flower with our Glowsticks, commonly used in emergency situations in the dark. On our moss-covered roof. We used 168 red and white glowsticks to make the iconic flower. We want to bring hope and light to all who are in the darkness fighting this horrible disease.