AP Services deliver early Christmas Present to the Homeless

18. December 2020

Allan Pedersen and Sisse Lind Pedersen, the partners behind AP Services, have started a new initiative for the homeless in two municipalities in Denmark. This year, AP Services will show social responsibility in the local area and donate winter kits to the homeless. Today we delivered the kits to the representatives from both municipalities.
"The kit is intended to shield the homeless from wind, water and the cold, this is the effort of making life on the streets survivable, safe and practical." Says Allan Pedersen, founder of AP Services.
The kit consists of a sleeping bag that can withstand below zero temperatures, a cold-proof sleeping pad, a thermal suit, a warm Carhartt hat donated from Feiber, gloves, neckgator, wool socks donated from Charm and thermal underwear, headlamp, thermo mug, food container and protective equipment against covid-19 in the form of a reuseable face mask and hand sanitizer. It is all packed in a good quality backpack which is waterproof.
Allan Pedersen adds, "Santa may also have put some goodies in the kit, after all it is Christmas ".