A Closer Look on AP Services and the UN´s 17 Sustainability Development Goals

07. September 2022

AP Services attended the Danish Public Climate Conference in Middelfart. Per Ørum from Ørum Advice had invited AP Services to take part of a Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) workshop for SMEs that wish to work more in depth with defining its own targets inspired by the 17 SDG´s.

Through an intuitive and visual representation of the 17 SDG´s targets and their 169 sub targets, the employees of AP Services together with visitors on the conference, took part in a big brainstorm. Founder and Partner Allan Pedersen had started with a presentation of AP Services to give all participants of the workshop a basic understanding of the company structure, its products, and customers.

During the day all participants came up with several ideas and thoughts on what and how AP Services can work with SDG sub targets in a concrete matter. This led to many interesting conversations and debates on topics ranging from how to best sort waste, how to buy environmental waste (a philosophy based on the thought that everything you buy turns to waste one day and to think environmentally friendly in the buying phase as well) and to future specific goals, on a more environmentally friendly packaging method, on medical equipment.

It is important for AP Services, who has been a member of the Global Compact network since 2015, to work honestly and relevantly with the 17 SDG´s. "We want to make sure that we not only think environmentally friendly in our own doings but rather look holistically on how to contribute our own doings with a more society-based contribution on environmentalism" -says Natasha Hingebjerg (Head of Marketing AP Services).


In the near future an analyzing process will take place to categorize and sort all ideas, this will make the future work with sustainability a more aligned and targeted work process that hopefully will have bigger positive impact on AP Services surroundings.

Allan Pedersen presents the company to the people that attended
the workshop.


There was many interesting questions from the participants, that led
to conversations that later was playing part in the brainstorm.


Per Ørum from Ørum Advice and Natasha Hingebjerg from AP Services,
in front of the Pink tent where the workshop took place.

Read the danish article from Ørum Advice about the workshop.