The NORSE RESCUE® Burn Wound Kit is a compact and lightweight solution designed to be easily distributed during mass casualty events involving burn victims. It contains a selection of highly effective NORSE RESCUE® products specifically tailored for pre-hospital burn wound treatment.

One of the key components of the kit is the BurnTec hydrogel dressing, renowned for its exceptional cooling properties. This dressing ensures uniform coverage and distribution of cooling activity, offering effective relief and treatment for burn injuries, including extensive ones.

The NORSE RESCUE® Burn Wound Kit provides a comprehensive solution for addressing burn wounds in the pre-hospital environment, making it a valuable resource for managing burn-related emergencies.



  • 1 x BurnTec 10 x 10 cm: Highly effective hydrogel dressing for burn wounds.
  • 1 x NORSE RESCUE® Cohesive Bandage: Provides secure and flexible fixation.
  • 1 x NORSE RESCUE® Emergency Blanket: Compact and weather-resistant emergency protection.


  • 1 x BurnTec 5 x 5 cm: Additional hydrogel dressing for smaller burn wounds.
  • 1 x BurnTec 10 x 10 cm: Hydrogel dressing for effective cooling and treatment.
  • 1 x BurnTec 20 x 40 cm: Larger hydrogel dressing for extensive burn injuries.
  • 1 x NORSE RESCUE® Cohesive Bandage: Ensures firm and adaptable bandaging.
  • 1 x NORSE RESCUE® Emergency Blanket: Provides all-weather emergency coverage.
  • 1 x NORSE RESCUE® Nitrile Gloves: Protective gloves for safe handling.
  • 1 x NORSE RESCUE® EMT Shears: High-grade scissors for cutting materials.



FDA Certified

CE Mark


Manufacturer: AP Services A/S AP Services A/S
Product number: EE-00538 EE-00539
Size: 15 x 12 x 7 cm 27 x 16 x 6 cm
Color: Black Black
Country of origin: DK/CN/PL DK/CN/PL
NATO Stock number: N/A N/A
Quantity: 1 pc 1 pc
Weight: 145 g 623 g