The NORSE RESCUE® Light Extrication Device is a versatile tool that serves various purposes in emergency situations, including everyday emergencies and mass casualty scenarios. It functions as a disposable Backboard cover and a Patient Transfer System, facilitating seamless patient handling and transfer.

With a load capacity of over 1500 kg, the device ensures robust support and stability during patient transport. It features six large handholds, allowing for easy and secure handling of the patient, while also enhancing the overall usability of the product.

Constructed with water-resistant coated woven polyethylene, the device offers durability and strength, even in challenging environments. It can withstand washing at temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards.

The NORSE RESCUE® Light Extrication Device is designed to provide reliable support and ease of use in critical situations. Its multifunctional capabilities, high load capacity, and durable construction make it an essential component of emergency preparedness and patient care protocols.

CE Mark

FDA Certified


Manufacturer: EMSRUN
Product number: LS-49
Certificates: CE, FDA
Size: 120 x 60 cm
Package Dimensions  33 x 33 x 3 cm
Durability: Will hold up to 1500 kg load capacity
Country of origin: China
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1 pc, 111 pcs
Weight: 502 g