UN Trauma Kit

UN Trauma Kit

This KIT is made to meet the specs. set by UNHCR, World Food Program etc. The bag is modified to be able to carry a combined Bodybag / Soft stretcher on the side.

This kit contains:

1 x Rescue Backpack - BAG ONLY (BA-94-UN)
1 x Headlamp Super Bright LED (AC-00213)
6 x Glowstick, Green 15cm. (AC-00217)
1 x Digital Thermometer (AC-0037)
1 x Typing set (AC-004-KIT)
1 x TVAC Suction (AW-000111)
1 x Guedal Airway, ISOsize 6, BLack (AW-0009)
1 x Guedal Airway, ISOsize 8 Green (AW-0011)
1 x Guedal Airway ISOsize 4 (AW-00120)
1 x Bag-Valve-Mask incl. Adult (AW-00168)
1 x Non Rebreathing Mask, Small (BR-00113)
1 x Stethoscope (BR-0016)
2 x NORSE RESCUE® Chest Seal Vent (BR-00187)
2 x NORSE RESCUE® Chest Seal Non Vent (BR-00188)
2 x C-A-T Black GEN7 (CL-0001-7)
4 x Cohesive Bandage 5cm x 4m (CL-001123)
2 x Ambulance Dressing NO. 3 (CL-00167)
1 x Compress 10 x 10cm, Unsterile (CL-00169-SET)
2 x Compress 10 x 10cm, Sterile (CL-00170)
2 x Quick Release Tourniquet (CL-00181)
6 x Infusions Set (CL-00251)
2 x Syringe, 10ml 2-komp. (CL-0028)
6 x IV-Cannula, 20G (PINK) (CL-0029)
6 x IV-Cannula, 18G (GREEN) (CL-0030)
6 x IV-Cannula,16G (GREY) (CL-0031)
2 x Bandaid 6cm x 1m (CL-0039)
4 x NORSE RESCUE® Trauma Bandage 6" (CL-00457)
10 x Hypodermic Needles 22g x 40mm (CL-00510)
10 x Hypodermic Needles 20g (CL-00512)
6 x IV Dressing Tegaderm (CL-0065)
2 x Eye Pad Dressing & Bandage (CL-32)
1 x Blood Pressure, Adult Cuff w/ Case (CL-5)
1 x NORSE RESCUE® EMT Shears 7,25 (EE-000331)
2 x NORSE RESCUE® Emergency blanket, Silver/Silver (EE-00261)
1 x Surgical Scissors Blunt/Sharp (EE-0057)
18 x Swabs - Pre injection (EE-00630)
4 x Paraffin Gauze 10 x 10cm (EEV-00522)
4 x WaterJel Burns Bandage 4" x 16" (EEV-00523)
4 x ChitoGauze XR PRO (HC-0004)
1 x Splint, Flat Folded (IM-00047)
1 x Stifneck Select - Adult (IM-000562)
2 x Sportstape 2,5cm x 10m (IM-00131)
1 x Optimum Traction Device O.T.D (IM-0020)
1 x Go Stretcher Disposable (LS-49)
4 x NaCL Solution 0,9%, 500ml (MED-90)
6 x NORSE RESCUE® Triangular Bandage Non-woven (RE-11)
1 x Pen Torch Disposable (RE-23)
1 x Cannula Waste Box, 500ml (RE-25)
3 x FFP2 Face Mask (PPV-00099)
10 x METTAG Triage tags (TR-0004)
3 x Gloves Latex Free, Blue (PPV-00038)



Manufacturer: AP services
Product number: UN-TRAUMA-KIT-EXW
Certificates: N/A
Size: 45 x 33 x 27 cm
Color: Blue/Yellow
Assembled by: AP Services A/S - Denmark
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: N/A