This product is designed excercises that occur under field conditions where the need is for realistic function and importance of life-sustaining elements to secure the airway (airway obstruction) and CPR with the opportunity to use the practice defibrillators.

  • Rescue Doll with CPR function (integrated * CPR doll top quality).
  • Ability to connect to exercise defibrillators.
  • Adapted for field use.
  • Articulated and balanced like a real man.
  • Behave like an unconscious person.
  • Very durable doll made of environmentally friendly heavy leather.
  • Double stitching around the mannequin and additional reinforcements in exposed areas.
  • TÜV-certified.
  • Very long life.
  • Comes with sturdy protective overalls and fixed boots.



Manufacturer: Swedish Rescue Products 
Product number: FØHJ-4-1
Certificates: TÜV-certified
Lenght: 180 cm
Country of origin: Sweden
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 40 kg