ClearCool™ Hydrogel Burn Dressing



H&H Medical's ClearCool™ Hydrogel Burn Dressing provides immediate relief for minor to moderate burns. Made in the US and composed of over 90% water, the ClearCool™ 4" x 16" wrap cools and protects the burned area. Non-adherent, the hydrogel is transparent, allowing for careful monitoring of the wound. 

ClearCool™ burn dressing provides an instant cooling and analgesic effect on the wound, protecting it from contamination while allowing oxygen to permeate the gel. In recent testing, H&H Medical subjected ClearCool™ to extinguishing white phosphorus and concluded:

"ClearCool™hydrogel is a very effective medium for the instantaneous quenching of burning white phosphorus."

H&H's ClearCool™ burn dressing is packed in a rugged pouch with a five year shelf life.

CE Mark


Manufacturer: H&H Medical Corporation
Product number: EE-00001
Certificates: CE Mark, Sterile
Size: Flat Fold: 15.24 x 10.79 x 0.635 cm
Shelf life: 5 years
Country of origin: USA
NATO Stock number: Pending
Quantity: 1
Weight: 85 g