Developed from military experience, the Xtract®2 provides the solution for rapid casualty extraction.
Weighing less than 1.5kg (3lbs) the Xtract®2 can easily be carried operationally and be available at point of injury.

Rapid casualty extraction reduces rescuers exposure in hostile locations.

The Casualties Perspective

"The overall feeling of safety whilst in the Xtract is of huge benefit to of any casualty being removed from any scene."
Sean Gittings, Above knee amputee

Read what it feels like from the casualties perspective to be extracted in the Xtract®2 here.

"Rapid casualty extraction often becomes the key link in the chain of survival."

Why Xtract®2?
Meeting the requirements of the operational casulaty

Understanding the profile of your casualties through retrospective analysis and appreciation of your environment is key to the Xtract®2 meeting your operational needs.

Secures and protects the casualty

Research done by Brodie et al i shows that 36% of casualties who had tourniquets applied sustained full or partial lower limb amputation.

The Xtract®2 is specifically designed to cope with casualties with compromised anatomy, and can be quickly adjusted to fit individuals ranging in size from 2,100mm to 1,520mm (7ft to 4ft8").

Light weight and functionally robust

Weighing less than 1.5kg (3lbs) and fitting into your hand, the Xtract®2 can be carried in your operational equipment and be available at point of injury.

Allows for rapid casualty extraction

Innovative textile development in the Duraelite fabric allows the Xtract®2 to be dragged or lifted and survive the most extreme operational challenges.

Reduces the risk of secondary injury to both casualty and rescuer

Securely cocooned within the Xtract®2, your casualty gains protection from hypothermia and the aggravation of life threatening injuries. By using best practice in manual handling the Xtract®2 reduces the rescuers exposure in hostile locations and manual handling injuries.


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