King LTS-D, Laryngeal tube (lts-d) st

King LTS-D Size. 4, Laryngeal tube (lts-d) st

King Systems is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors of disposal supraglottic airways. The King LTS-D, a versatile simple to use airway tool that provides a patent airway and positive pressure ventilation with seal pressures.  The King LTS-D, a versatile airway management tool, is easy to insert and is strategically designed to minimize airway trauma. The King LTS-D provides a patent airway for superior patient ventilation, yet offers the unique ability to easily pass a gastric tube through a second channel of the airway and into the esophagus and stomach. The anatomically shaped distal tip and cuff assist in the airway’s passage behind the larynx and into the normally collapsed esophagus.


Available in size 4 or 5.

CE Mark
Latex Free


Manufacturer: Kendal A/S
Product number: AW-0003
Certificates: CE Mark, Latex Free

Folded: H 10.16 x W 29.03 x D 4.87 cm
UnFolded: H 20.32 x W 33.93 x D 3.09 cm

External diamater of the tube:
17.6 mm

Suction Catheter: 18 Fr

Color: Red
Country of origin: USA
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 164 g