M-Harness Quick Release



The M-Harness™ Quick Release (QR) is an unpadded class 2 harness. The Leg Loops can be completely removed so that the main belt can be worn as a normal trouser belt if desired. This adds versatility to the product and reduces the amount of equipment you need to carry. If high angle retention or suspension is required, the Leg Loops can be donned in seconds to convert the belt into a harness. The stand-alone belt also functions as a 'Riggers Belt' with a soft 'clip in' point on either side of the main buckle. 

The X-Belt™ PS can be added to the M-Harness™ QR to create an M-Harness™ QRPS. 

US Patent No. 8,235,173.

Features Include:
• Main belt can be worn as a trouser belt with the Leg Loops completely removed
• Cobra™ Buckles on main belt and Leg Loops for fast donning
• Main buckle is captured by the Leg Loops in our patent Leg Loop attachment system. Even if the main buckle comes undone, it does not affect the integrity or safety of the harness.
• Tested to ASTM F1772 ‐99 (reapproved 2005) Standard Specifications for Climbing Harnesses
Product Includes:
• X-Belt™ QR (G2)
• Leg Loop Assembley

CE Mark


Manufacturer: CTOMS
Product number: AC-1641
Certificates: CE Mark
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Color: Available in:
Black, Coyote brown
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