Fire Resistant Short Sleeve Large



The Short Sleeve Shirt, light weight, is a tight-fitting T-shirt with short sleeves and a small collar. The T-shirt is made of the thinnest fabric in our range and is well-suited for situations with great activity and high temperatures.

Flame-retardant and sweat-wicking
The flame-retardant and sweat-wicking T-shirt is made of the soft and anti-microbial Advanced Protective Fabric™. The T-shirt is far more comfortable to wear than regular polyester T-shirts and also has anti-odour fibres in the fabric to ensure that you remain odourless, even if you don’t change it.

Other advantages
The Short Sleeve Shirt, light weight, works well as the base layer of your clothing, no matter whether you’re on a cold mountain peak, in a sizzling desert or in a damp jungle. The T-shirt can also easily be worn alone. The collar on the T-shirt is sewn with attention to durability, while the strong seams are flat and thus comfortable to the skin.

CE Mark


Manufacturer: Potomac
Product number: AC-0002
Certificates: CE Mark
Size: Large
Color: Coyote Tan
Country of origin: USA
NATO Stock number: N/A
Quantity: 1
Weight: 510 g